Youth Center

Youth and Teen Programs offer developmental and recreational programs that provide a safe place to learn and grow while having fun!

Program Elements Include:

  • Health, Sports & Fitness

  • Leisure Activities

  • Technology and Homework Assistance Labs

  • Instructional Classes (financial management, job readiness, music, fitness, etc.)

Torch Club

The Torch Club helps develop future members with leadership and character development. The Torch Flames have done several community service projects that benefit the JBAB community. Register at the Youth Center.

Keystone Club

The Keystone Club is a unique leadership development opportunity for teens ages 14-18.  The club focuses on three areas: academic success, career preparation and community service. Register at the Youth Center.




150 Arnold Ave. Bldg.4485


Phone Number:




Sunday & Monday: 




5 p.m.-7 p.m.

(Teens 13-18 yrs. Only)



6 p.m.- 9 p.m.

(Teens 13-18 yrs.)

7 p.m.- 9 p.m.

(Pre-Teens 9-12 yrs.)

Air Force Youth Programs is excited to offer the 2021 Virtual Teen Aviation Camp in partnership with Air Force Aero Clubs. The virtual camp will be conducted 14-25 June 2021 and offers an introduction to the field of aviation and opportunities for careers and leadership roles within the Air Force. A combination of web-based presentations and discussion groups, along with self-paced course materials provide camp participants with the knowledge to complete the Private Pilot Exam and begin their journey toward earning a Private Pilot License!

Eligible Applicants must meet all the following requirements:

  •  Dependent of an AF Active Duty or Active Duty Military assigned to/living or working on an Air Force installation or AF-led Joint Base, Air Force Reserve (AFR), Air Force National Guard (ANG), DoD Civilian Employees (APF or NAF) assigned to/working on an Air Force installation or AF-led Joint Base, or Air Force Retirees (on a space available basis)

  • Have completed at least their Freshman Year in High School during the 20/21 School Year   

  • Have not previously attended the Virtual or In-Person Teen Aviation Camp

Priority Consideration for Applicants:
     1. Dependent with a parent/guardian who meet the criteria in item 2 or 3 AND who were deployed in support of a contingency operation for a minimum of 30 calendar days within the past six months
     2. Dependent of Active Duty Air Force or Other Active Duty assigned to/living or working on AF installation or AF-led JB
     3. Dependent of AFR or ANG on Active Duty or Full-Time Training Status
     4. Dependent of AFR or ANG
     5. DoD Civilians (APF/NAF) assigned to/working on AF installation or AF-led JB
     6. Tie Breaker:
         • previous camp attendance
         • date of birth, with priority provided to eldest applicants first
     7. SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS: Dependents of Air Force Retirees

The PDF application must be submitted by a parent or guardian NO LATER THAN 14 APRIL 2021 through the AF Camps workflow box:

ATTENTION: Please submit the application as a PDF Document. We do not have the capability to access shared documents or cloud-based files.
It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to confirm receipt of the application.

Camp POCs:
AF CYP Camp Work Flow Box:
Ms. Teresa Witschen, or 210-395-7514
Mr. Kevin Hansen, or 210-395-7248
Ms. Mona Hamilton, or 210-395-7725

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