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COVID-19 Fitness Information: 
As of August 3, 2021:
Showers  are open to vaccinated patrons.
Saunas are closed
Basketball courts are closed
Masks are to be worn while indoors transitioning and walking around


The Fitness Centers feature:

  • Racquetball courts/Wallyball Court

  • Male and female locker rooms

  • Senior male locker rooms for O6/GS-15 and above (Fitness Center I)

  • Senior female locker rooms for 05/GS-13 and above (Fitness Center I)

  • Weight room

  • Cardiovascular room

  • Full-sized basketball courts

  • Cardiovascular equipment including bikes, rowers, elliptical, steppers and treadmills


24-Hour Fitness Center
Work out any time you want at the 24 hour Fitness Center! Sign up at Fitness Center I.  

PLEASE NOTE: Both new and existing 24-Hour Fitness Customers must [re-]register at Fitness Center I to be able to access the new Fitness Center's Access System.

  • For new 24-Hour Fitness Center Applicants, please bring application form and ID to Fitness Center I between normal business hours. 

My Parent & Me Workout Room

No babysitter? No problem! My Parent & Me is a new program available to parents and guardians who wish to use the Fitness Center without exposing their children to the dangers of a regular gym, while still allowing them to get a quality fitness workout. The My Parent & Me room is available at Fitness Center I during regular business hours. Restrictions apply. Call 202.767.5895 for more information.

Fitness Orientation and Training

The Fitness Centers offer a variety of fitness orientation and training programs to allow patrons to utilize the fitness facilities and equipment properly and to get the best possible workout.

  • Free Fitness Orientation
    New to the Fitness Center? During the fitness Orientation, fitness staff will describe how to design a cardio and strength training program and show you how to use the strength and training equipment correctly.  


Personal Training Sessions

Let FSS Fitness Specialists help you achieve your optimum level of personal fitness!

  •  Personal Fitness Assessments

  •  Develop Personal Workout Plans

  •  Personal Trainers

Our Fitness Specialists conduct personal fitness assessments to determine a customer’s individual fitness level based on measurements, body composition, while discussing past, present, and future health and fitness levels. Once a baseline level is established, a personal plan of action for the customer is created to achieve desired fitness and lifestyle goals. Patrons can work out on their own or with the Fitness Specialist as their personal trainer. 

NOTE: No Body Composition Test will be performed on active duty military members.  

Fees & Price Structure 

  • All Training Sessions are 60 minutes.

  • Active Duty: FREE (Priority Given to to FEP members)

  • One-on-One Training: FREE

  • Group Training (3-10 people): FREE

130 McChord St. Bldg 15

Washington, DC 20032


Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday............5 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Saturday- Sunday........7 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Federal Holidays..........Closed

Fitness Center II

215 Enterprise Way., Bldg 419

Washington, DC 20032


Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday............5 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Saturday- Sunday........Closed

Federal Holidays..........Closed


Fitness Center I